A Tribute to Womanhood

Welcome to "I Am Woman"...a tribute to all those women who had the courage and perseverance to stand up and fight for their rights. Thanks to those who came before us we enjoy a freedom unknown to women not too long ago. But, sadly, in many parts of the world, women continue to be repressed. In fact, even in this country there are women living today under the threat of violence...completely controlled by a violent spouse. Some may make it; others won't. Hopefully, one day ALL women will be free. May that day come soon.


Quote of the Day

A woman has got to be able to say, and not feel guilty, 'Who am I, and what do I want out of life?' She mustn't feel selfish and neurotic if she wants goals of her own, outside of husband and children.

Betty Friedan

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  1. Completely agree, however if she chooses her goals to be a wife and a mother and she enjoys doing so, then she mustn't feel selfish or neurotic. Or be made to feel that she "doesn't work" by the world. Let me tell you, if you stay home with your children all day keep them on track, take care of a house, bills, repairs, a husband and all of the things he needs to be doing, you ARE working far more hours a day for far less money. But the pay off in the end is priceless, to some.