A Tribute to Womanhood

Welcome to "I Am Woman"...a tribute to all those women who had the courage and perseverance to stand up and fight for their rights. Thanks to those who came before us we enjoy a freedom unknown to women not too long ago. But, sadly, in many parts of the world, women continue to be repressed. In fact, even in this country there are women living today under the threat of violence...completely controlled by a violent spouse. Some may make it; others won't. Hopefully, one day ALL women will be free. May that day come soon.


Bride Burning

Please light a candle and say a prayer for our sisters.

Did you know that every hour and forty minutes a woman is lit on fire? Neither did I.  The fact is there are many of us may who are not aware of this practice.   Bride Burning is a form of domestic violence practiced in certain countries such as India and Southeast Asia.   In bride burning  the man, or his family, douses his wife with flammable liquid and sets the woman her on fire, leading to death by fire.  The biggest cause of this horrific act is dowry; it usually occurs when her family refuses to pay any additional dowry (material gifts given to the bride by her family at the time of the wedding).  

The following video broke my heart.  I couldn't stop the tears. 

Dowries are as old as India, but in recent years the stakes have risen. The bride's family is expected to hand over cash and gifts such as televisions, cars and refrigerators, and although against the law in India since 1961, it is quite commonplace for a bride to enter into a  marriage with a significant dowry paid by her family, including jewelery, appliances, vehicles, furniture, even a house for the couple.  In many cases, the police are told the victim was killed by an exploding stove, and there is no prosecution. 

Every day a woman lives in fear of the day it will be her. 


  1. Oh my......how HORRID and BARBARIC...... and I complain.

  2. This literally makes me ill. How archaic is their government system that men are still allowed to own their women's bodies like inanimate things. It is soooo wrong!

    Of course I will pray for this Mary and thank you so much for keeping us aware each day of these atrocities all over the world.

    Sending Healing and Blessings to Our Sister!!